Three-Phase Energy Analyzer - Fluke 434

Energy loss calculator, Power inverter efficiency, Troubleshoot real-time, Highest safety rating in the industry, Measure all three phases and neutral, Automatic Trending, System-Monitor, Logger function, View graphs and generate reports,Seven hours operating time per charge on Li-ion battery pack
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Data sheet Three-Phase Energy Analyzer - Fluke 434


Fluke 434 Series II Power Quality and Energy Analyzer can monetize the cost of energy waste due to poor power quality and is ideal for characterizing power quality, conducting load studies and capturing hard-to-find voltage events over a user-defined period of time. The Fluke 434 II Energy Analyzer is the ideal tool for advanced energy logging and energy monetization, identifying the most energy-wasteful areas of your facility.



Nbre d'entrées : 4 tensions + 4 courants (3 phases + neutre)
Vitesse d'échantillonnage maximum 200 ké/s par voie
Étude de démarrage moteur préconfigurée ; temps, courant crête...
Mesure de déséquilibre entre phase en %


Tension 1000V. Courant sur entrée 4000 mV
Harmoniques rang 1 à 49 : mesures V,A,W,THD,Hz, angle phase
Puissance / energie : W,VA,Var,Wh,Vah,Varh,FP,cos phy et DPF
Alimentation batterie NimH, chargeur/adaptateur secteur fourni
Livré avec carte SD 8Go, logiciel Power Log, câble USB
EN 61010 Cat IV 600V, Cat III 1000 V
Type of product Energy analysers