TBS2102 Tektronix Oscilloscope 2 x 100 MHz

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  • 9-inch WVGA display with 15 horizontal divisions
  • Up to 1 GS/s
  • 32 automated measurements with gating
  • Wifi and Ethernet interface
  • Built-in Scope Intro handbook
  • 5 year warranty
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Data sheet TBS2102 Tektronix Oscilloscope 2 x 100 MHz


The TBS2000 Series is designed for easy operation and quick hands-on learning. Dedicated controls provide quick access to important settings, so you can evaluate signals faster. Many oscilloscopes provide 8 vertical divisions and 10 horizontal divisions, but the TBS2000 gives you 10 vertical divisions and 15 horizontal divisions, so you can see more of your signal. The display also offers more room for measurement results and menu information.

Record length is selectable, from 2000 samples up to 20 million samples for capturing long time periods. The exceptionally long record length will help you find signal anomalies and verify digital communications. To help navigate long acquisitions, the Zoom function lets you quickly pan through the record and zoom in to see signal details.

The trigger system is designed for troubleshooting today's mixed signal designs. Beyond a basic edge trigger, it also includes pulse width and runt triggering, which are especially useful for troubleshooting digital sections of your designs. Pulse width triggering is perfect for hunting narrow glitches or timeout conditions. You specify a voltage threshold and a width, and the oscilloscope triggers when the pulses are too narrow, too wide, or of a particular duration. Runt triggering is designed to capture signals that are shorter in amplitude than expected. It lets you specify two voltage thresholds and a width. If a pulse amplitude falls between the two thresholds, the oscilloscope will trigger.

The default acquisition mode is Sample Mode which works well for most applications. However the instrument also offers Peak Detect Mode which is useful for hunting spikes, and Average Mode which can help reduce noise on repetitive signals.
Bandwidth 100 MHz
Dimensions 175 x 372 x 103 mm
Display TFT
Mass 2,62 kg
Memory size 20 Mpoints
Number of channels 2
One-shot sampling rate 1 GS/s
Screen size 9"
Type of product Oscilloscopes

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