RF Signal Generator, 3 GHz - Keysight N9310A

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  • Frequency range: 9 kHz to 3 GHz Modulations AM / FM / Phase / pulse N9310A-001 IQ modulation (optional) Bandwidth 40 MHz color TFT display 166 mm scans LF / RF Recall the last programmed configuration spectral purity: -95 dBc phase noise / Hz standard USB interface Compatible SCPI command Menu d integrated multilingual help
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Data sheet RF Signal Generator, 3 GHz - Keysight N9310A


Keysight N9310A is an RF signal generator that is ideal for testing modern electronic products like cordless phones, digital radios, GPC modules, RFIDs and wireless LAN devices. It comes with all the capability and reliability you need – at a price you always wanted.The N9310A generates common RF signals from 9kHz up to 3 GHz. With the built-in analog modulation capabilities, it can generate modulated AM, FM, QM and pulse signal easily. Adding optional analog Iq input capability; it can generate complex IQ modulated signals such as GSM, cdma and OFDM signals from custom IQ inputs.


Livré avec :

Guide de démarrage rapide
Câble USB
Cordon d'alimentation
Maximum frequency 3000 MHz
Type of product RF Generators

Other Specifications

Niveau de sortie : -127 à +13 dBm
Sauvegarde externe sur support USB 2.0
Oscillateur de référence interne
Dimensions 132.5 x 320 x 400 mm. Poids 9,2 kg
Livré avec cordon d'alimentation et notice d'utilisation