Relative Humidity Temperature Meter - Amprobe TH3

Ref: 251153
  • Dual display, Relative function monitors humidity and temperature changes
  • Extended probe stem to easily access air ducts, Min/Max readings
  • Data Hold, Capacitive sensor with protective cover, Auto Power off, Soft Carrying Case
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Data sheet Relative Humidity Temperature Meter - Amprobe TH3


Amprobe TH3 is a hydrometer thermometer which uses an accurate capacitance sensor to ensure accurate performance with the long-term stability. This instrument of high accuracy allows you to measure the full range ralative humidity from 0% to 100%, and an exceptionally wide range of measuring the ambient temperature from -20°C(-4°F) to 60°C(140°F).


Livré avec :
Mallette de transport
Piles installées
Accuracy +/- 0,8 °C
Output No
Probe Type Fixed probe
Temperature range -20 to +60 °C
Type of product Physical measurement

Other Specifications

Hygrométrie de 10 à 90 %
Précision : 3 %
Température de -20 à 60 °C ±0,8 °C
Capteur hygromètrique avec capuchon de protection
Modes : Hold, arrêt automatique
Livrés avec sacoche de transport