Power Quality Clamp Meter - Fluke 345

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  • AC/DC current: Clamp-on measurement of ac current up to 1400 A rms and dc current up to 2000 A without breaking the circuit, Highest safety rating: 600 V CAT IV power analyzer is rated for use at the service entrance, Accurate in noisy environments: Clamp meter performs even with distorted waveforms present on electronic loads with low-pass filter, Data logging: Identify intermittent faults by logging any power quality parameter for minutes, or over a month, including harmonics, Verify batteries: Direct measurement of dc ripple (%) for battery and dc systems, Troubleshoot harmonics: Analyze and log harmonics digitally or graphically
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Data sheet Power Quality Clamp Meter - Fluke 345


Fluke 345 is more than an electric power meter. Combining the functions of a clamp meter, oscilloscope, data logger and digital power meter into one handy device, the Fluke 345 is ideal for working with variable frequency motor drives, high efficiency lighting and other loads using switching electronics.


Pince multimètre de puissances 345
Sacoche de transport
Logiciel Power Log
Cordons de mesure
Pinces crocodile
Sondes de test
Câble USB
Adaptateur secteur international / dispositif d'exclusion des piles
Manuel d'utilisateur en anglais imprimé
Manuels multilingues sur CD
Type of product Power Quality Clamp Meters

Other Specifications

Bande passante de 15 Hz à 1 kHz
Mesures des harmoniques jusqu'au rang 30
Mesure de kWh
Mesure du facteur de puissance : 0,3 cap...1...0,3 ind
Courant AC/DC de 0 à 2 000 ADC ou 1 400 AAC
Tension AC/DC de 0 à 825 V
Puissance Watt : 0 à 1 650 kWDC ou 1 200 kWAC mono ou triphasé
Puissance VA : 0 à 1 650 kVADC ou 1 200 kVAAC mono ou triphasé
Puissance VAR : 0 à 1 250 kVAR mono ou triphasé
EN61010 Cat IV 600 V, Cat III 1000 V