Multimeter 50 000 counts TRMS AC + DC - Fluke 287

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  • Large 50,000 count, ¼ VGA display with white backlight. Multiple sets of measurement information can simultaneously be displayed at the same time. Logging function with TrendCapture is an essential tool for documenting the performance of your designs, processes or systems, or unattended monitoring while you work on other projects. It plots measurements as a single line to help detect signal anomalies over time, storing up to 10,000 readings. Using on-board TrendCapture, you can graphically view logged readings without a PC. (Software and interface cable optional). Log multiple sessions or log data continuously for over 200 hours.0.025% Basic DC accuracy .100 kHz ac bandwidth.True-rms ac voltage and current for accurate measurements on complex signals or non-linear loads.
  • Measure up to 10A (20 A for 30 seconds; 10A continuous)
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Data sheet Multimeter 50 000 counts TRMS AC + DC - Fluke 287


Fluke 287 and FlukeView® forms combo kit. Designed for today's professionals involved in R&D, maintenance, manufacture and design of electronic circuits or systems. With built-in data logger and TrendCapture™ (the meters on screen graphical display) capability, the 287 helps you track down elusive, intermittent problems or monitor equipment with any of its functions


Livré avec :
Jeu de cordons de mesure TL71
Pinces crocodiles AC175
6 piles AA installées
Autoranging Yes
Bandwidth 100 kHz
Basic accuracy 0.025
Functions Capacitance meter
Max. current (A) 10
Max. voltage 1000
Measurement type TRMS AC+DC
Number of display points 50 000
Type of product Multimeters

Other Specifications

Bande passante 100 kHz. Précision de base 0,025 %
Capture crête (enregistrements transitoires jusqu'à 250 µs)
FLUKE 289 : FLUKE 287 + entrée faible impédance, filtre passe bas
Tension AC/DC : 1 000 V. Courant AC/DC : 10 A
Température de -200 à 1350 °C. Résistance jusqu'à 500 MΩ
Conductance jusqu'à 50 nS. Capacité 100 mF. Fréquence 1 MHz
Modes : min / max / moy avec horodatage
EN61010 Cat IV 600 V, Cat III 1000 V