Infrared Camera - Fluke TI95 80x80

80 x 60 (4,800 px.), 9 Hz, IFOV (spatial resolution): 5.6 mRad, Field of view: 19.5°H x 26°V, -20°C to +250°C (-4°F to +482°F)
Thermal sensitivity: 0.15°C at 30°C target temp (150 mK), Large 3.5 inch LCD with adjustable brightness
8 Gb SD memory card and 8 Gb wireless SD card (where available), Smart Battery System - Lithium ion smart battery pack with five-segment LED display to show charge level, Thumbnail view memory, .IS2, .BMP, and .JPG file formats on imager; export to multiple file formats from SmartView® software (included)
Direct transfer of images to PC via included USB cable
IP54 rating: designed to withstand a 2 m (6.5 ft) drop
Focus-free system; optimized for 18 inches and beyond
Fast auto rescale in manual mode
Built-in 2 megapixel visible light digital camera
Two-year warranty
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Data sheet Infrared Camera - Fluke TI95 80x80


Fluke Ti 95 9HZ features a spatial resolution of 5.6 mRads and gets superior quality images so you can conduct an infrared inspection from a safe distance with up to 84% better spatial resolution than other competitive models. IR-Fusion AutoBlend and Picture-in-Picture modes are available in SmartView software, so that you can perform all of your analysis and image adjustments and enhancements with the included SmartView software. The FLK-Ti-90-9HZ has a large 3.5 inch LCD screen. A screen size up to 32% larger screen than other competitive models lets you clearly see what you are measuring.


Résolution spatiale améliorée à 5,6 mrad pour une qualité d'image supérieure.
Mode de communication sans fil "Fluke Connect" pour partager les images.
Port USB pour PC.
Fonction IR-Fusion et image dans image (sauf Ti90).
Écran LCD couleur de 3,5 pouces.
Carte mémoire SD incluse de 8 Go amovible.
Fichiers importables avec lociciel Smartview.
Logiciel téléchargeable gratuitement pour l'analyse et obtenir des formats BMP, GIF, JPEG et 7 autres différents.
Gamme de température de -20 à +250 °C. Précision ±2 °C.
Boitier conçu pour résister à une chute de 2 m.
Livrées avec batterie intelligente, chargeur, carte SD et 1 sacoche de transport.
D:S 26° x 26°
Detector max resolution 80 x 80
Field of view (FOV) 26° x 26°
Functions Visible image+ infrared
Matrice IR 80 x 80; 6400 pixels
Maximum temperature 250 °C
Sensitivity 0,10 °C
Sensor resolution 80 x 60
Température -20 °C à +350
Thermal Sensitivity NETD 0,1 °C
Type of product Infrared cameras
Visible image No