High stability for 532xx - Keysight OPT010

  • Stabilité de la température (par rapport à 25 °): <2 x 10-9 Taux de vieillissement, Daily: <5 x 10-10 Mensuel: <1,5 x 10-8 Tournez sur la stabilité en fonction du temps (en 30 minutes, par rapport à 24 h): <5 x 10-9 Calibration: Electronique
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Data sheet High stability for 532xx - Keysight OPT010


The option of high stability for keysight 532xx timer series which improve the stability and reduce the errors caused by temperature change and drift time.
This option 010 is ideally suited for metrology laboratories wishing to have a yardstick of high stability.
Type of product Function generators