Handheld Multi-function Calibrator/Meter - Keysight U1401A

Dual display 50,000 items with simultaneous measurements USB interface, Comes with English software
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Data sheet Handheld Multi-function Calibrator/Meter - Keysight U1401A


Carry two tools in one and calibrate while you measure with the Keysight U1401A handheld multi-function calibrator/meter. Now you can travel light, whether you're doing calibration for validation, troubleshooting, or service and maintenance. Secure the robust U1401A in its sturdy carrying case and you're ready to go. Certified to stringent quality standards, the U1401A lets you test with ease and confidence with one handy, lightweight tool.


Source de tension : ±15 VDC
Source de courant : ±25 mADC
Mesures : tension, courant, température, fréquence
Générateur de rampe programmable
Fonction Datalogger
Modes : min, max, moyenne
Type of product Process calibrators