Handheld Capacitance Meter - Keysight U1701B

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Data sheet Handheld Capacitance Meter - Keysight U1701B


The U1701B handheld capacitance meter is now available, with the same outstanding performance and reliability of the U1701A, but in bright orange casing. Designed to give maximum visibility, the vivid color underlines Keysight commitment to safety in each of its handhelds.


Livré avec :
Guide de démarrage rapide
Certificat de calibration
Pinces crocodiles
Pile alkaline 9V
Basic accuracy ± 0,2%
Display LCD
Functions Capacitance meter
Measurement type Average value
Number of display points 20 000
Type of product Multimeters

Other Specifications

Gammes : 1 000 pF - 10 µF - 100 µF - 199 mF
Précision 0,2 %
Interface USB