Fluke - 5 reasons to upgrade hand held oscilloscope

Ref: Ress.151367
Electro-mechanical equipment is increasingly becoming more and more digital and more sophisticated. In 1997, Fluke launched the ScopeMeter® 120 Series Hand-Held Oscilloscope, which rapidly became the industry standard go-to tool for troubleshooting industrial electro-mechanical systems. Since then, automated machinery has become more efficient, more connected and less likely to break down. But, it's also harder to troubleshoot.
It's not enough to know where to test, you also have to know what to look for. So with input from maintenance specialists who deal with a range of digital controls and industrial equipment, Fluke is introducing the new ScopeMeter 120B Series with a range of functions designed to simplify the testing process to help you troubleshoot faster and get the answers you need to keep your systems up and running.
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