Tachometer /Stroboscopes

Polytech Instrumentaiton through its website Polytech-Instrumentation offers for your inspections and measurements a wide range of tachometers and strobescopes for industry, technology and higher education, useful in maintenances. Determine easily the operating speed of a rotary equipment.
Benefit the best choice with leading brands like Fluke, Chauvin Arnoux Metrix, Extech, Beha Amprobe ...

  1. Tachymètres numériques - Polytech-Oscilloscopes
    Tachymètres numériques
    Mesure avec ou sans contact – Fonction comptage, mémoire et port USB (CA 1727)
    €359.00 Excl. Tax €430.80 Incl. Tax

    Availability: Replenishment in progress

  2. Multimetrix RPM82 - Tachymètre numérique - Polytech-Oscilloscopes
    Multimetrix RPM82 - Tachymètre numérique
    Mesure de rotation avec ou sans contact. – Gammes automatiques
    €121.00 Excl. Tax €145.20 Incl. Tax

    Availability: In stock from the 9/12/2019