FLIR Systems was established in 1978 to pave the way for the development of high-performance infrared thermography systems or embedded applications in airplanes. Today FLIR Systems is the world's leading manufacturer of infrared cameras and in many other applications commercial, industrial and public.
Infrared thermography systems of FLIR Systems are based on advanced technology for the detection of infrared radiation (or heat), allowing the user to see or measure small temperature differences.

  1. FLIR C3 Caméra thermique - Polytech-Oscilloscopes
    FLIR C3 Caméra thermique

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    Écran tactile 3 pouces – Transferts d'images par liaison WiFi et USB – Dimensions réduites 125 x 80 x 24 mm, Masse 130 g
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  2. FLIR TG165 - Imageur thermique - Polytech-Oscilloscopes
    FLIR TG165 - Imageur thermique
    Deux visées lasers divergentes pour encadrer la zone mesurée – Résolution des images : 80 x 60
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