Digital Oscilloscope 2X1 GHz - Keysight DSOX3102T

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  • Bandwidth: 1 GHz , 2 channels. Sampling Rate : 5 GS / s. 4 M memory with small segmented memories.
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Data sheet Digital Oscilloscope 2X1 GHz - Keysight DSOX3102T


Keysight's InfiniiVision DSOX3102T 3000TX has an 8.5-inch capacitive touchscreen which is “designed for touch” to save you less time setting up your scope and spend more time designing and debugging. Use capabilities including zone touch triggering and gated FFT measurements to speed up debugging times. With an update rate of 1 million waveforms per second, increase the probability of catching anomalies and elusive events. If you can't see the problem, you can't fix it. Comes with standard 3 year calibration cycle. Protect your investment with the option to upgrade at any time after purchase. Each 3000T X-Series oscilloscope comes standard with one 500 MHz passive probe per channel.


Livré avec :
Certificat de calibration
Logiciel d'effacement sécurisé Secure Erase
1 sonde passive N2890B par voie (500MHz, 10:1)
Interface face avant locale
Cordon d'alimentation
Type of product Oscilloscopes