Digital Multimeter 6,5 digits - Keysight 34411A

Memory 1M 50,000 readings per second PC link
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Data sheet Digital Multimeter 6,5 digits - Keysight 34411A


Keysight 34410A and 34411A are digital multimeters which offer Temperature and Capacitance capabilities such as DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, 2-wire and 4-wire Resistance, Frequency, Period, Continuity and Diode Test.


Calibres de 100 mV à 1000 VDC / 750 V AC, 100 µA à 3 A AC/DC
Mesure de résistance, fréquence, capacité, température, diode
Déclenchement programmable ou analogique. Précision 0,003 %
Bandwidth 300 kHz
Basic accuracy 0.003 %
Display LCD
Functions Capacitance meter, Frequencymeter, Ohmmeter
Measurement type RMS
Number of display points 50000
Type of product Multimeters