Digital Multimeter 6,5 digits - Keysight 34401A

TRMS, 0.0015% basic accuracy, bandwidth 300 kHz 1000 measurements by second. 7 mathematical functions
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Data sheet Digital Multimeter 6,5 digits - Keysight 34401A


The 34461A is Keysight's next-generation 34401A DMM providing the same uncompromising performance for system and benchtop testing along with new capabilities you need: Graphical display to accelerate your work
Truevolt measurement performance and accessibility (LAN, USB, GPIB), 100% drop-in replacement with 34401A SCPI compatibility


Calibres de 100 mV à 1 000 VDC et 750 VAC, de 10 mA à 3 A AC/DC
Mesure de résistance en 2/4 fils
Mesures de continuité, diode, fréquence et période
Fonctions null, min, max, moyenne, dBm, dB, limit test
Communication GPIB / LXI de série. CEI1010
Type of product Multimeters