Compact Three-Phase Power Meter - Amprobe PQ55A

Comprehensive real time monitoring, recording and analysis of three phase power systems,True-rms voltage and current measurement, Power Factor and phase angle results, Power Analysis (apparent, active and reactive power), Additional current clamp for neutral line monitoring, Internal memory for 99 single measurement storage, Opto-isolated RS232 interface for further analysis and charting, 50 Hertz, operation facilities
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Data sheet Compact Three-Phase Power Meter - Amprobe PQ55A


Amprobe PQ55A is a three-phase power meter which offers real time monitoring, recording and analysis.


Livré avec :
4 pinces de courant 1000 A
4 pinces crocodiles, isolées
4 crodons de sécurité
8 piles 1,5V LR6
Câble RS232
Sac de transport
Measurement type Three-phase
Type of product Energy analysers
Tension / courant : 600 V / 1 000 A AC/DC TRMS.
Puissance jusqu'à 1 000 kW / kVA / kVAr.
Angle de phase.
Mesure de fréquence, d'harmoniques (rang 31) énergie jusqu'à 119,3 MWh / MVAh / Mvarh.
Logiciel et 4 pinces courant fournis.
EN61010 Cat III 600 V.