Compact Digital Multimeter - Amprobe 35XP-A

DC voltage measurements to 1000V, AC voltage measurements to 750V, AC/DC current measurements to 2A, Resistance measurements to 40MΩ, Capacitance testing to 400μF, Temperature measurements to 1000°C (using type K thermocouple - included)
Frequency measurements to 1MHz, Continuity/diode testing, Built-in non-contact voltage detector - range of 70 to 600V with audible tone and visual LED indicators, Magnetic grip for hands-free use, Data hold function temporarily freezes a value on the screen
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Data sheet Compact Digital Multimeter - Amprobe 35XP-A


Amprobe 35XP-A is a compact digital multimeter used for factory maintenance, high AC voltage as well as electrical and electronic applications.
Autoranging Yes
Bandwidth 1 MHz
Calibres Manuel / Automatique
Capacité 4 nF à 4 mF
Courant AC/DC 400 μA à 2 A
Display LCD
Fréquence 4 kHz à 1 MHz
Functions Automatic range, Manual range
Max. current (A) 2
Max. voltage 1000
Measurement type Average value
Number of display points 4000
Resistor 400 Ω à 40 MΩ
Tension AC/DC 400 mV à 750 VAC / 1 000 VDC
Type of product Multimeters
Marque : Amprobe
Modèle : 35XP-A
Tension DC : 200 mV, 2-20-200-1000 V
Tension AC : 200 mV, 2-20-200-750 V
Courant DC : 200 µA, 2-20-200 mA, 2 A
Courant AC : 200 µA, 2-20-200 mA, 2 A
Température : -20 à +1000 °C
Continuité : oui
Détection de tension sans contact : 70 V à 600 VAC (50/60 Hz)
Sécurité EN61010 : cat III, 300 V ; cat II, 600 V