General sales conditions


It is recommended for the receiver to check the packages inside and out, in front of the shipper.
All defects noticed during deliveries (damaged, missed or broken packages) should be mentioned, by handwritten, in the delivery receipt. The delivery receipt should be signed, and be accompanied by copies of supporting documents no later than 72 hours after delivery. A copy of this mail must be draft to Polytech-Oscilloscopes at the same times, to this following address:

Service Clients
468, rue Jacques-Monod
CS 21900, 27019 Evreux Cedex France

For all shipments outside FRANCE METROPOLITAN, all sending have a fully comprehensive insurance cover, unless instructed otherwise (War-risk are not apply to this policy). Also, the client has the responsibility to do a reserves of usage in 48 hours towards the carrier. Under the General Terms and Conditions of the shipping insurances policies, the equipment is guarantee only for 15 days after the notice of the arrival of goods send to the receiver by the carrier. Likewise, it is also the responsibility of the buyer to do the procedures of customs clearance during this period. Beyond the 15 days of notice, the equipment are no longer ensured by us, and there is no reimbursement after those days, even if there is a crack, a damage or a missing materials on the equipment.

After those 15 days, All DAMAGE or MISSING MATERIALS “subject to unpacking”, all the oral proceedings accompanied by a supporting letter, are without legal value.


Knowing that SECURITY is very important for every buying transactions. Polytech-Oscilloscopes offers many secure payment option in order to simplify, fluidify, and certify every e-buy.

It is for that raison we chose to put those payment solutions in your disposal.

Payment by bankcard

Cease the opportunities suggest by us about the main network method of payment Visa, bleu card, and MasterCard. This method of payment help to protect your online purchases. In order to ensure a high level of security against fraud, we provide 3D-secure authentication. When you purchase on our site with a Bankcard, this technology (and the SSL encryption), will allow you to pay confidentially and peacefully. This functioning is associated with your bank which ensure that you are the primary cardholder. Your order will be check out as soon as we validate your payment. Purchases will be send depending of the delivery type.

PayPal Payment

By paying with PayPal card, all your financial information will not be communicated to Polytech-Oscilloscopes. PayPal will protect and encrypt your card number. Therefore, you would be able to make a secured payment online by email and with the password associated with email. Your order will be shipped as soon as we validated your payment and we know your delivery type.

Payment transfer

If you want to know all the method of payment, for all the payment transfer, please contact us directly to: +33 2 32 29 40 91).

1/ Your Company cannot benefit from condition of payment negotiated before and validated by Polytech-Instrumentation. Your order will be shipped as soon as we validated your payment and we know your delivery type. Please notify your order form number as well as your client reference to the wording of the transfer.
In order to make the transfer, the informations, in the “transfer” field, are listed in your order form send by email.

2/ Your Company will benefit conditions of payment which is negotiated before and validated by Polytech-Instrumentation. Your order will be shipped as soon as we validated your payment and we know your delivery type. The transfer will be done in 30 days, at the billing date.
Please notify your order form number as well as your client reference to the wording of the transfer.
At any time, Polytech-Oscilloscopes has the right to modify the terms of payments and to cancel your pending order. Polytech-Oscilloscopes has also the right to require full settlement before delivery, while waiting to obtain from client a bank guarantee.

Check Payment

For all payment by check, the checks should be payable to Polytech-Oscilloscopes, accompanied of the order form and the client reference, to this following address. Your order will be shipped as soon as we validated your payment and we know your delivery type (unless specified conditions are negotiated before with Polytech-Oscilloscopes).

Service Clients
468, rue Jacques-Monod
CS 21900, 27019 Evreux Cedex France

In the invoiced amounts that hasn’t been paid before the deadlines, interest of 150 % of the legal interest rate will be added to the amounts. In application of article L. 441-6 of the trade code. In full right, those requested penalties are payable to Polytech-Instrumentation. If the CUSTOMER didn’t do his previous payment at a respectable delay, we can refuse to sale product to the customer unless he pay cash or he gives us a satisfactory security fund. No refund for paying cash or advanced payment will not be granted.

Moreover, in accordance with the provisions of Article D. 441-5 of trade code, a flat-rate allowance for the recovery costs of 40.00 € HT due to late payment.


All the products delivered are, from the date of shipment, contractual guarantee under normal conditions against manufacturing defects. Only replaceable damaged pieces, refurbishment, and the return shipping charges are at the expense of Polytech-Oscilloscopes.

The duration of the warranty contract is for one year only (outside of the manufacturer’s guarantee when applicable).

This warranty does not covered:
 - The replacement of consumables (Batteries, bulbs, fuses, etc.)
 - The replacement of worn parts,
 - The abnormal use or non-conforming products,
 - The defects which occurs on a modified product,
 - The defects and the consequences related to any external causes.

By all means, this warranty does not prevent from the legal warranty proposed by Articles 1641 and the Civil Code of the hidden faults.


All the product on our sites (Polytech-Oscilloscopes) complied with French legislation at time of shipment. The products have to be used in accordance with the following instructions if applicable with his own equipment.

Polytech-Oscilloscopes’ responsibilities is about the change made on one of a defect product given without his initial permission or in case of an abnormal used with no accordance with instructions in notes or in operating instructions, if applicable with his own equipment.

Polytech-Oscilloscopes has no responsibility towards a late shipment of product due to delivery delay.

Polytech-Oscilloscopes is not taking responsibilities for any consequential damages, operating loss, loss of profit, loss of chances, damage or loss of fees with accordance with purchasing of products. Total or partial inability of product used due to incompatibilities of equipment is not reimburse or either be assumed by Polytech-Oscilloscopes.

Responsibilities of waste treatment of electric and electronic equipment (WEE)

According with the French application of directive 2002/96/CE of the European Parliament and the council of January 27th, 2003 relating to the waste of electric and electronic equipment (WEE) transpose to French law, unless otherwise provided, the final user of those electrics and electronics equipment marketed by Polytech-Oscilloscopes ensure the organisation, the funding support of the trash removal and of the waste treatment made from it.

The waste treatment of electric and electronic equipment is at the final user charge or on the other person recommended by him complying with requirements provided for by Article 21 and 22 of waste n°2005-829 of July the 20th, 2005 and complying with the provisions of Part 1 of Book V of the environmental code.

Intellectual Property

All features such as brands, designs, models, logos, graphics or others, which do figure on all products mentioned on the Polytech-Oscilloscopes’ website are exclusive property of either this company or their suppliers. Therefore, the mentioned features cannot be appropriated under no circumstances.

The content of some products has to be subjected to copyright law.

Any unauthorised use of these products or even of their content can have possible penalties ‘concerns.

Returns (Returns and exchanges)

Any ordered product that does not meet the customer’s expectations, can be returned to Polytech-Oscilloscopes within 14 days after receiving the product. However, the product must be in its original packaging and the return shipping is at the customer’s expense. Therefore, customers will have the choice to exchange the item(s) or to be refunded within 14 days of us receiving the product.

Please keep the original packaging for the duration of the guarantee period as it will be necessary in case of product return.

Any product return is subjected to a prior and written formal agreement, explaining the Polytech-Oscilloscopes’ services.

Freight collect returns will not be accepted.

After-Sales service/assistant

For all technical informations, our technical support are available at +33 2 32 29 40 91 (From Monday to Friday, from 6.30 to 3.30 pm - UTC) – you can still contact us towards our Web Site.

Applicable law and jurisdiction agreement clause

Those conditions are submitted to the French Law.

All disagreement between stakeholders will be under exclusive jurisdiction of the commercial court. Each stakeholders will expressly get a jurisdiction attribution, notwithstanding any contrary clause, multiple of defendants or the introduction of third party, emergency or interim proceedings refer or request. The domiciliation of the company or the place of payment listed on the commercial paper does not imply either novation or derogation from this allocation of jurisdiction.

Personal informations

Polytech-Oscilloscopes engage himself to be confidential about your personal informations. Those informations will only be used by the internal services of Polytech-Oscilloscopes for processing the purchases order, and also to reinforce and to personalise communication and the product offering and the services suggest by Polytech-Oscilloscopes.

In accordance with the data protections and the civil liberty, everybody has the right of access, of rectifications and of oppositions on personal data concerning the client individually.

Modification of general terms and conditions of sale

Polytech-Oscilloscopes has the right to adapt or to modify, at any times, those actuals general terms and conditions of sale. The modifications on the general terms and conditions of sale will only be applicable on the sales that were done after the modifications.