Cable Locator - Amprobe AT2032E

Display: LED row for intensity and 7 segment display for number and letter to display Transmitter code,Tracing: Depth 0...40 cm, Max. Voltage: 250 V, Pollution Degree: 2
Measurement Category: CAT II / 250 V, Safety Complying with: IEC 61010-1, EN 61010-1
Power Supply: 1 x 9 V, IEC 6LR61 Receiver, 2 x 9 V, IEC 6LR61 Transmitter, Dimensions: 380 x 305 x 90 mm (case)
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Data sheet Cable Locator - Amprobe AT2032E


Amprobe AT2032E is a cable locator which allows you to detect wires in the wall, open circuits, short circuits and fuses. It also serves as a transmitter of optical and acoustic signals.


Localisation des coupures et court-circuits dans les murs
Localisation des fusibles, boîtes de dérivation.
Suivi des conduites métalliques (eau, chauffage)
Contrôle des planchers chauffants électriques non blindés
Alimentation : 3 piles 9 V. Livré en mallette de transport
Type of product Personnal protective equipment