Basic Spectrum Analyzer (BSA), 7 GHz - Keysight N9322C

Quickly uncover key insights through fast, value-priced, general-purpose performance up to 7 GHz with -152 dBm DANL and ±0.6 dB overall amplitude accuracy,Streamlined for straightforward and efficient operation with marker demodulation, one-button optimization, and user-definable soft keys,Robust measurement features for easily characterizing your product,Automation and communication interface with industry standard SCPI language support and USB and LAN connectivity choices
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Data sheet Basic Spectrum Analyzer (BSA), 7 GHz - Keysight N9322C


Keysight N9322C is a benchtop spectrum analyser with a frequency range of 9kHz to 7GHz. It comes with USB and LAN interfaces as standard, and offer options including GPIB interface, tracking generator, preamplifier and a rackmount kit.Regardless of whether your application is electronics manufacture, bench repair, R&D projects or RF related education, the N9322C is a spectrum analyser that is equipped with the essential functionality and required performance at an affordable price.


DANL -152 dBm
Précision de l'amplitude absolue ±0.3 dB
RBW : de 10 Hz à 3 MHz en pas 1-3-10
VBW : 1 Hz à 3 MHz en pas 1-3-10
Mémoire interne de 64 Mo, externe compatible USB 3.0
Interfaces : USB et LAN (standard), GPIB (option)
Scanner de mesure de canaux jusqu'à 20 canaux simultanées
Entrée RF de type N
Commandes compatibles SCPI
Dimensions : 132,5 x 320 x 400 mm
DANL -152 dBm
Maximum frequency 7 GHz
Type of device Benchtop devices
Type of product Spectrum analysers