Automotive Multimeter - Fluke 88V

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Data sheet Automotive Multimeter - Fluke 88V


Fluke 88V has improved measurement functions, trouble-shooting features and accuracy to solve more problems on conventional and hybrid vehicles. The 88V is the most powerful automotive multimeter ever offered by Fluke. In addition to having all standard multimeter features like the ability to measure voltage, current, continuity, and resistance, the 88V can perform diode test and pulse width measurements.


Livré avec :
Cordons de mesure
Coque de protection
Autoranging Yes
Bandwidth 200 kHz
Basic accuracy ± 0,1 %
Functions Capacitance meter
Max. current (A) 10
Max. voltage 1000
Measurement type Average value
Number of display points 20 000
Type of product Multimeters

Other Specifications

Tension AC/DC : 1 000 V
Courant AC/DC : 10 A
Résistance : 50 MΩ Fréquence : 200 kHz
Température : 1 090 °C (sonde fournie)
Livré en mallette EN61010 Cat IV 600 V, Cat III 1000 V