Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator 30 MHz - Rigol DG1032Z

Up to 200 MSa/s Sample Rate,14 bits vertical resolution,8 MPts standard; 16 MPts optional Memory Depth
Up to 160 built-in waveforms, ±1ppm frequency stability, -125dBc/Hz phase noise
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Data sheet Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator 30 MHz - Rigol DG1032Z


The RIGOL DG1032Z is ​​a function generator with two channels of high-performance digital storage with a bandwidth of 30 MHz. This generator is equipped with many features such as analog and digital modulations AM, FM, FSK, PM and the wobbles functions Burst.
The DSG1032Z generator has many features and comes with software that interfaces your generator to your computer via a USB port. It comes with a one-meter BNC cable and a power adapter.
RIGOL DG1032Z suits every application including the functions of assistance and the display of typical measurement values ​​of input and numerous help functions for users (OnScreen), make it easier to use this generator. Enjoy an arbitrary generator adapted both industry and higher education at the best price on Polytech-Instrumentation.


Livré avec :
Cordon d'alimentation
Cordon USB (CB-USBA-USBB-FF-150)
Cordon BNC (CB-BNC-BNC-MM-100)
Guide (copie papier)
CD (comprenant le guide de l'utilisateur)
Display LED
Frequency meter External
GBF technology DDS
Maximum frequency 30 MHz
Min. frequency 0.00001
Modes AM/FM Modulation
Number of channels 2
Type of product Function generators
Affichage graphique couleur. 160 signaux pré-définis
Modulation AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK et PVM
Technologie haute stabillité 1 ppm. Fréquencemètre 200 MHz
Gamme de 1 µHz à 30 MHz (DG1032Z) ou 60 MHz (DG1062Z)
2 ports USB, LAN. Livré avec câble USB, câble BNC et logiciel