Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator 25MHz - Rigol DG1022A

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  • Advanced Direct Digital Synthesis(DDS) technology, 2 output channels, built-in counter, 25MHz maximum output frequency (5 MHz max square wave), Monochrome LCD display, 3.5 standard waveforms and DC outputs. 48 preset arbitrary waveforms, 10 groups of 4kpts arbitrary waveforms,Multi modulation functions: AM, FM, PM, FSK, and linear/logarithm Sweep and Pulse train waveform outputs, Connectivity: USB Host, USB Device.
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Data sheet Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator 25MHz - Rigol DG1022A


The RIGOL DG1022A is a function generator with two channels of high-performance digital storage with a bandwidth of 25MHz. This generator is equipped with many features such as analog and digital modulations AM, FM, FSK, PM and functions wobbles, Burst and frequency counter ranging from 100MHz to 200MHz.
The DSG1022A generator has many features and comes with software that interfaces your generator to your computer via a USB port. It comes with a one-meter BNC cable and a power adapter.
The RIGOL DG1022A suits every application including the functions of assistance and the display of typical measurement values ​​of input and numerous help functions for users (OnScreen), make it easier to use this generator. Enjoy an arbitrary generator adapted both industry and higher education at the best price on Polytech-Instrumentation.


Livré avec :
Cordon d'alimentation
Cordon BNC (CB-BNC-BNC-MM-100)
Guide (copie papier)
Documentation est téléchargeable sur
Display LCD
GBF technology DDS
Min. frequency 1 µHz
Modes Modulation AM/FM/PM/FSK
Number of channels 2
Type of product Function generators

Other Specifications

Générateur de fonctions :
- sinus, carré, rampe, impulsion et bruit blanc
- 48 signaux prédéfinis en mode arbitraire
Gamme de fréquence : de 1 µHz à 25 MHz
Amplitude de 4 mVpp à 20 Vpp en circuit ouvert
Mode arbitraire : échantillonnage 100 Mech/s. Résolution 14 bits. Mémoire 4 K. Stockage interne 10 signaux
Vobulation linéaire ou logarithmique
Mode rafale (burst) de 1 à 50 000 cycles
Fonction compteur (100 mHz à 200 MHz) : Fréquence, période, rapport cyclique et largeur d'impulsion
Alimentation 100 - 240 VAC, 40 W max
Masse : 2.7 Kg
Cordon USB (CB-USBA-USBB-FF-150) en Option