AC Current Clamp - Fluke i200s

Ref: 291669
  • Companion to your scopemeter, power quality meter or digital multimeter to measure up to 200 A AC
  • Included adapter for DMM's, Two ranges: 20 A & 200A, 10 or 100 mV/ Amp output, Take accurate current readings without breaking the circuit, Max. conductor Ø 20 mm, CAT III 600V safety rating
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Data sheet AC Current Clamp - Fluke i200s


Fluke i200s is a dual range 20A and 200A ac current clamp with voltage output via a safety insulated BNC connector. A dual banana to BNC adapter is supplied to allow the i200s to be connected to multimeters with banana inputs.
Max. current (A) 200
Maximum frequency 10 kHz
Measurement type AC
Type of product Clampeters

Other Specifications

Bande passante : 40 Hz à 10 kHz
Ouverture de la mâchoire : 20 mm
Sortie BNC ou banane