AC Current Clamp - Fluke i200s

Companion to your scopemeter, power quality meter or digital multimeter to measure up to 200 A AC
Included adapter for DMM's, Two ranges: 20 A & 200A, 10 or 100 mV/ Amp output, Take accurate current readings without breaking the circuit, Max. conductor Ø 20 mm, CAT III 600V safety rating
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Data sheet AC Current Clamp - Fluke i200s


Fluke i200s is a dual range 20A and 200A ac current clamp with voltage output via a safety insulated BNC connector. A dual banana to BNC adapter is supplied to allow the i200s to be connected to multimeters with banana inputs.


Bande passante : 40 Hz à 10 kHz
Ouverture de la mâchoire : 20 mm
Sortie BNC ou banane
Max. current (A) 200
Maximum frequency 10 kHz
Measurement type AC
Type of product Clampeters