6 GHz RF Signal Generator - Rigol DSG3060

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  • 3 GHz / 6 GHz versions available, Optional I/Q modulation and I/Q baseband outputs, USB/LAN/GPIB interfaces standard. Supports LXI-C and SCPI command set, AM/FM/øM modulation standard. Standard pulse modulation, Pulse train generator option
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Data sheet 6 GHz RF Signal Generator - Rigol DSG3060


Rigol DSG3000 is a high performance RF signal generator which ranges from 9 kHz to 3 GHz or 6 GHz. It is designed for the customers who works in the application about Wireless Communication, Radar test, Audio/Video Broadcasting, General Purpose, Education, Consumer Electronics etc. DSG3000 provides low phase noise, high output power, excellent level accuracy, variety of analog, digital IQ and pulse modulations for RF Receiver test and measurements.


Livré avec :
Guide (copie papier)
CD-ROM (Guide de l'utilisateur, Guide de programmation)
Cordon d'alimentation
Fréquence 6000 MHz
Maximum frequency 6000 MHz
Type of product RF Generators

Other Specifications

DSG3030 : de 9 kHz à 3 GHz
DSG3060 : de 9 kHz à 6 kHz
Option modulation IQ : module IQ-DSG3000
Option haute stabilité : module OCXO-A08

Résolution en fréquence de 0,01 Hz
Résolution en amplitude de 0,01 dB
Dimensions / masse : 364 x 112 x 420 mm / 6,4 kg
Livré avec logiciel "Ultra IQ Station" en anglais