4000-count multimeter MS8239C

Ref: 294340
  • Automatic selection of templates Display on 4000 counts Backlight Temperature measurement, capacity, frequency / duty cycle Ongoing measurement storing modeDiode and transistor mode Automatic shutdown
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Data sheet 4000-count multimeter MS8239C

AC Voltage range 4-40-400-600 V
Accessories pointes de touches, piles, sonde de température
Ampèremètre C.A. Cal. 400 µA, 4-40-400 mA 10 A
Autoranging Yes
Bandwidth 400 Hz
Basic accuracy ± 0,8%
Capacimètre Cal. 5-50-500 nF, 5-50-100 µF
DC Current range 400 µA, 4-40-400 mA 10 A
DC Voltage range 0,4-4-40-400-600 V
Dimensions 150 x 72 x 42 mm
Display LCD
Fréquencemètre Cal. 0 à 10 MHz
Functions Automatic range, Capacitance meter, Frequencymeter
Max. current (A) 10
Max. voltage 600
Measurement type Average value
Number of display points 4 000
Power supply 2 x piles 1,5 V AAA (fournies)
Temperature measurement Yes

Other Specifications

Calibres V : de 400 mVDC, 4 VAC à 600 V. Courant : 400 µA à 10 A
Mesures °C, capacité, Ω, buzzer, Hz et rapport cyclique
Livré avec coque, thermocouple K, cordons et pile