35 W Triple Output Bench Power Supply - Keysight E3630A

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Data sheet 35 W Triple Output Bench Power Supply - Keysight E3630A


Keysight basic DC power supplies offer essential features for a tight budget. The multiple output, 35-50 W, E3620A and E3630A provide dual and triple outputs; small, compact size for bench use; low-noise and excellent regulation; and overload indicator to monitor output. The Keysight 35W, triple output E3630A has three versatile outputs for benchtop applications; and is offers stable and reliable power plus essential features for manual testing.


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CD des produits de référence
Cordon d'alimentation
Functions Stablilized
Max. current (A) 2.5
Number of outputs 3
Output Adjustable
Output max. voltage (V) 20
Type of product Power supplies

Other Specifications

Résolution : 10 mV / mA. Ondulation : 350 µVRMS. Bruit 1,5 mVcc.
Charge, régulation de ligne ˂ 0,01 % + 2 mV.
Mode commun 1 µArms.
Dimensions / masse : 88 x 212 x 318 mm / 3,8 kg