1,5 GHz RF Signal Generator -Rigol DSG 815

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  • 1.5 GHz / 3 GHz versions available, Optional Pulse Train and Internal Pulse modulation / Pulse Generator options, USB & LAN interfaces standard. Supports LXI-C and SCPI command set, AM/FM/ØM modulation standard
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Data sheet 1,5 GHz RF Signal Generator -Rigol DSG 815


Rigol DSG815 is an excellent Signal Generator for the high-quality generation of signals (including RF, LF, Scan, Pulse and a variety of modulated analog signals). DSG830 is the perfect choice for areas such as teaching laboratories, industrial production lines, as well as research laboratories.


Livré avec :
Cordon d'alimentation
Guide (copie papier)
Fréquence 1500 MHz
Maximum frequency 1500 MHz
Type of product RF Generators

Other Specifications

DSG815 : de 9 KHz à 1,5 GHz
DSG830 : de 9 KHz à 3 GHz
Résolution en fréquence 0,01 Hz
Résolution en amplitude 0,01 dB

Interface 2xUSB et LAN de série, compatibles commande SCPI
Dimensions / masse : 262 x 112 x 318 mm / 4,2 kg

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